What’s Your Mars? My TEDx Talk [Video]

Here it is! My TEDx talk from October 25, 2013! I am so excited to share it with you! I hope you will watch it and if you are inspired by it share it with your friends.

What’s Your Mars? Astronaut Abby TEDx Talk

When TEDx Tampa Bay contacted me over the summer and asked if I was interested in speaking at their event, themed “Exploring the Past, Embracing the Future,” I was so excited. What an honor to be invited and what a great topic! When I speak of the future of human space exploration, I often reflect on the past.  It is because of the amazing accomplishments of the United StatesRussiaCanada and ESA that we can even imagine a future of space exploration. It is because of our past and present that we have the technology we enjoy today in our daily lives.

Yet, my TEDx talk was not directly about human space flight. I wove my own story into my message, as well as some history of human space travel.  My talk explains what I have learned on my own quest to be the first astronaut to Mars. The title “What’s  your Mars?” is reflective of my message, that we each have a dream- a Mars, and by pursuing our dreams, we inspire others and we can change the world. I call it the circle of inspiration. I hope you will watch my talk, and if you are inspired, that you will share it with your friends. It’s an important message and I hope many people will hear it.

Thank you so much for your support!


  1. NEVILLE M. says

    I’ve just read the Chapter/Section on MARS in that Very Same Edition of #UNIVERSE ! ….. It is Totally Impressive. Regardless of how much I already knew about Mars, I Discovered So Much More about that Amazing Planet.
    No wonder You want to Go To Mars, Abby !

  2. Brian says

    Another great job Abby, you are an inspiration to many young people and will go far! Even to Mars!

  3. JeffChoppah says

    Am having that book bought and shipped to me in the next 10hrs… spending my second hour on this blog of yours great stuff…your dreams are valid and real… #what’syourMars

  4. Dr. Philip Freedland/Lynn Freedland says

    You’re getting your private pilots license. Good move. I truly believe you’ll do great. I’ve always wanted to fly a helicopter. Phil had his private license but let it lapse due to age and health. Father used to fly single engine Cessna. Going to look around my area to see what possibilities there might be for private lessons. You never know. Now or never. In a few weeks I’ll be better and can start doing more. Maybe you’ve inspired me to finish a dream I’ve had. We’ll see if my oncologist will back me up. I don’t see why not.

  5. stephan Branwhite says

    Do u think mars is obtainable by2030,will u be their and what age do u think the travellers should be especially if it was to be one way trip


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