What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?

this is a time lapse taken from the front of the ISS (International Space Station). It completes one full orbit of the earth, beginning over the Pacific Ocean and ending above Antartica. That thin, yellow/red, geodesic hovering above the earth is the earths ionosphere, a portion of the atmosphere. Certain landmarks and countries are visible, including (in order of appearance): the U.S., Mexico, the Yucatan peninsula, El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, lake Titicaca, and the Amazon. I just wanted to share this amazing view with all of you. I hope you enjoyed it and that it spurred your yearning for space and love of our earth as much as it did mine.


  1. Pratik Kapadia says

    God Speed and good luck to you. Trust to see you in newspaper in 2030 with the headlines : First human as well as lady to go to Mars.

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