Webchat with Whittier and Carrollton Elementary, November 15

Today, I did a webchat with Mr. Dahl’s class 5th graders in Whittier Elementary in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Mrs. King’s 3rd grade class at Carrollton Elementary in Carrollton, Virginia. Student webchats are so much fun! When I was in 5th grade, I was really inspired by my science teacher, so it was great to connect with current 5th graders!

The kids had awesome questions. We covered topics from space food, to gymnastics and pets. Some of my favorite questions were “Why do people explore space?” and “Have you ever tried on a space suit?” Watch the webchat to hear my answers! I loved our conversation! Thanks for a great webchat. Whittier and Carrollton Elementary students, you inspire me!


  1. Georgy Porgy says

    I still find it really cool that you have all of this support and you’re only 16! I hope want to go to space as well, and hopefully be the first human on Titan. Maybe it isn’t too late for me, as I’m 17.


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