The Weather Channel Interviews Me About EFT-1 Orion [Video]

The morning of the EFT-1 Orion Launch (December 4, 2014) I was interviewed by Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams of “Wake Up With Al” on the Weather Channel. They asked me a lot of questions about the first Orion launch and my exciting opportunity to be behind the scenes c0-hosting a live broadcast with Astronaut Bob Springer. Some of the questions were pretty tough, but I was definitely ready to answer them. Watch the video below of the Interview and find out my answer to the question from Stephanie Abrams “Why do you think that this launch is garnering so much attention when it’s really just a test flight and there is not a whole lot that’s going to happen?” Also find out what I told Al Roker regarding the weather on Mars and why I will be prepared.

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