Twitter Rocks!

I’ve been on Twitter for the past few weeks and with the help of my mom (who does this social media marketing stuff for a living) I’ve learned the ins and outs of how this Twitter thing works. And I have to say it is pretty cool! I have had some amazing contact and support from one real live astronaut, some cool people who work for NASA, as well as citizens who simply love space. It’s pretty cool. So here are some of the things people have said to me…I want to thank everyone for their support!

@astro_aggie Astronaut Mike Fossum

@AstronautAbby – You keep up the great work and I’ll be ready to turn my job over to you in a few years!

@Camilla_SDO Camilla Corona SDO

@AstronautAbby Yea! Hope you get to see Endeavour’s last journey into Space. Also, don’t stop dreaming and reaching for the Stars.

@neosonic2k Charles Mojica- Student from Puerto Rico

@AstronautAbby You dream of being an astronaut? Fight for it, be persistent, and I might find myself as a CapCom talking to you up there. 😉

@Astro_Will Astro Will

@NASA Please follow aspiring and future #astronaut, @AstronautAbby Harrison. A promising future in science! @NASAKennedy @US_Air_Force

@GodspeedDiscvry Susan N. Freeman ISS Engineer (who agreed to be interviewed for my history day project!)

@AstronautAbby Looks like an awesome project! As an artist, I also love the innovative display! Very smart!

@AlanMLadwig Depty Asso Administrator for Public Outreach at NASA HQWelcome AstronautAbby.

If you ever need anything from NASA, let me know.

@eu_hal9000v Eugenio – Rome Italy

Thanks for following. Wish you all the best for your aspirations. Greetings from Rome Italy. Hope one day i can say I know that astronaut;)
And a comment from my website…

@PH0T0B0Y  Sean Smith – Photographer and other cool stuff for NASA

Good luck Abby and if you ever need any help with materials that might help you with your endeavors please contact me. The NASA Langley Research Outreach team is always willing to help enthusiastic
students such as yourself.


  1. Amy says

    Dear Abigail,
    I am SOOO glad that I found your blog and Twitter. It sure is nice to see that another teenage girl shares the same interests as I do. I’m 14 and I’ve never met one person that I could talk to about NASA and the space program. I’m really excited about your project and I hope you do really, really well with it. I love the idea of using velcro and magnets to attach your pieces like they do on the ISS! 😀 We should chat sometime! 🙂
    Yours truely
    Amy Hao

  2. Hardik_gupta says

    Hi!!!!!….I am glad to see your twitter acc…even I wanted to be an astronaut, would you like to give some general tips besides that hardcore determination that you have

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