A Unique Program For Students: The Mars Generation Space Camp Scholarships

Space Camp USA Scholarships

Last month the nonprofit I founded, The Mars Generation, announced that we are awarding 10 full paid scholarships to Space Camp USA in Huntsville, Alabama for summer of 2016. These scholarships are unique because they not only cover the fee for Space Camp, but also the transportation expenses as well. The total value of these scholarships is estimated to be around $1,500 per scholarship.

Ask For Nominations to Apply

To apply for these scholarships students must first be nominated by a teacher. But students, parents, mentors or others may ask teachers to nominate qualified young people. Please don’t be shy! If you would like to go to Space Camp and you fit our qualifications for this scholarship please ask your teachers to nominate you or a child in your life. Teacher nominations are open until February 1, 2016 so hurry and ask your teacher today!

Application and Selection of Scholars

Once the nominations for students are received the application link is sent to the teachers for the student’s to apply. Student applications are due March 1, 2016. The application consists of several questions and a two-page essay. This essay is very important, as it is the applicants chance to stand out. The scholarship selection committee will use a rubric to grade the essay. It is very important that the student receive feedback from teacher(s), parent(s) or mentor (S) when writing this essay. The scholarships are competitive so please make sure you work through multiple drafts. The scholarship committee is made up of professionals working inside education and the space community. I am not part of the scholarship committee and have no part in the selection process.

More Than Space Camp

These scholarships offer so much more to the scholars than just Space Camp. One of the best experiences I had as a kid was my first visit to Space Camp. I attended through a Minneapolis nonprofit. The nonprofit did group fundraising to send all the kids selected (over 60 kids). We met once per month for 6 months to learn about space and what Space Camp would be like. This made my first experience going to Space Camp very special. At TMG we have created our own special program to ensure our scholars are prepared and love every minute of Space Camp.

Scholar Mentorship

We have developed a mentorship program for TMG Space Camp Scholars that will consist of several Google Hangouts with TMG Student Space Ambassadors who have attended Space Camp. This mentorship program is designed to ensure that TMG scholars are prepared for Space Camp and can get the most out of the experience. We also want to invite the TMG scholars to become part of the SSA community. The Mars Generation is about building community and supporting one another. This is just one way we do that. Parents are invited to join the hangouts as well to learn more about Space Camp.

Scholar Parent Liaisons

As part of the preparation for Space Camp, TMG has worked to establish a parent liaison for each of our scholar’s family’s to help guide the process. The parent liaisons are parents of Space Camp alumni who have experienced the process from signing their child up to preparing for the trip to putting their children on the airplane to attend camp. These parent volunteers will be guiding the scholar’s parents through the process so that the parents are comfortable sending their scholars to Space Camp the first time.

I am so excited to meet our first group of Space Camp scholars. I hope you will apply and/or spread the word to ensure that other qualified young people hear about the opportunity. Thank you.









  1. Peggy Hernandez, Planetarium Teacher says

    I am wondering if a similar program will be offered by you for 2017? I know a handful of deserving students that will apply for summer 2017.

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