Taking on SXSW: GenZ The Next Power Brokers

SXSW Abigail Harrison Skai Jackson 2017

Photo credit: Sweety High

I participated in my first SXSW panel on March 12, 2017 as a representative of the next generation of leaders. The panel was titled “GenZ: The Next Power Brokers” and was about next generation of women who are positioned to lead the world.  I was honored to be asked by the panel host, Sweety High, to participate as a leader in STEM and space to talk about my work with The Mars Generation.

I was on the panel with Tegan Marie (country music singer), Skai Jackson (Disney Channel actress), Mackenzie Ziegler (singer and dancer), and Alexandra Chang (fashion designer and blogger). Each of these young women have already begun to make their mark on the world and have set out to make a positive impact on the future. Giving back to the community was a main theme with all of the speakers.

The panel was hosted by The Female Quotient. To read more about the panel please check Sweety High’s article here.

SXSW Astronaut Abby Tegan Marie

Photo credit: Sweety High


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