First Stop Russia…Next Stop Mars…Share the #SoyuzAdventure!

Soyuz Rocket Launch

I’m on a mission!

I want to share an adventure of a lifetime with kids and adults everywhere! My hope is to excite kids about space, STEM and most importantly dreaming!

My #SoyuzAdventure will take me to a different part of the world and give me an opportunity to do something that is rarely experienced by anyone…even adults:

I will be traveling to Russia, share an inside look at the Russian Federal Space Agency, and experience a legendary Soyuz launch. With your help, on May 28, 2013 I will be attending the Russian Soyuz-TMA-09M Launch as a guest of my mentor ESA Astronaut Luca Parmitano. This will be Luca’s first launch into space and I feel so fortunate he has chosen to include me to witness it with his family and friends.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The chance to attend a Russian Soyuz launch in Kazakhstan as a VIP guest will be incredible. But the chance to share my experience online and in real life is what really ignites my passion – and defines this as a mission.

Here are some of the ways I plan to share this experience:

  • I will be sharing my adventure on I my blog starting now through the launch and beyond. Young people (and adults!) will learn what it’s really like to prepare for travel around the world, to witness a launch of a Soyuz space ship, and experience a visit to both urban and remote areas of Russia.
  • I will  prepare for and lead a series of Skype classroom chats with students and teachers across the Globe. These chats will be a chance for me to share this experience and answer questions with kids everywhere. I will include in-person presentations to a half dozen classrooms and/or school assemblies. Maybe we can do more, I hope so!
  • I will be serving as a freelance journalist documenting the experience for a national science magazine/journal or blog and also write for youth-audience STEM magazines.
  • I will be presenting at several space conferences. I will share this experience as well as continue to ignite people who are excited about exploring space.

I Need Your Help Please!

With any expedition, it needs people and resources to make it happen. In order to carry out my mission, I’m going to need the help of many people to help me raise funds for travel and to bring the experience to kids and adults around the world.

I’m asking you for your help too, and I’m hoping you will tell your family, friends and acquaintances too! Help me to share this experience and become an advocate for STEM and Space and Dreams! Buying your share of the rocket fuel to propel this mission can do just that.

I’ve created 11 Great Rewards for You…

IN TRAINING: Fuel $5 or more 

Added to Astronaut Abby Insider Email Update list so you can follow along on her journey from pre-launch to post-launch activities. It’s sure to be an exciting adventure!


THE LAUNCH PAD: Fuel $15 or more 

  • Autographed Astronaut Abby First Astronaut to go to Mars collectors photo
  • Name as supporter on campaign thank you webpage


THE ROLLOUT: Fuel $35 or more  

  • Everything in $10 Reward Plus:
  • #MarsorBust Collectors Pin

Claim your collectors pin now

THE ROCKET FUEL: Fuel $75 or more 

  • Everything in $35 Reward Plus:
  • #MarsOrBust Astronaut Abby Collectors Patch

Claim your mission patch now

THE LIFT OFF: Fuel $100 or more 

  • Everything in $75 Reward Plus: Access to Private Facebook Group in which Abby will update regularly and interact with community throughout lead up and trip (when possible) providing an in-depth insider account of the launch.


 PROPEL: Fuel $125 or more (Limit 20)

  • Everything in the $100 Reward Plus:
  • 1 year family membership to the Science Museum of Minnesota – with access to special exhibits in over 250 museums worldwide125

FLYING: Fuel $250 or more (Limit 20)

Everything in $100 Reward Plus:

  • Google Plus hangout with Abby while she is in Russia (based on technology working – she will send an email video update in replace of hangout if necessary) AND:
  • Postcard from Russia from Astronaut Abby AND:
  • Dropbox access to raw video footage shot by Astronaut Abby


ORBITING: Fuel $500 or more 

Everything in $250 Reward Plus:

  • Exclusive Photo Book of Soyuz Launch Experience (assembled by Astronaut Abby)


THE DOCKING: $1000 or more (Limit 10)

Everything in $500 Reward Plus:

  • Skype Chat with Astronaut Abby and school class of your choice. Discussion topic chosen by donor/school and approved by Astronaut Abby and:
  • 30 Astronaut Abby Collectors Photos, 30 Mission Patches and 30 #MarsOrBust2030 Collectors Pins to be given to students


 EXPLORATION: Fuel $2500 or more (Limit 2)

Everything in $500 Reward Plus:

  • Abby will write an  article for your STEM / Space / Science Publication – Topic to be determined ahead of Russia trip. 500-1500 words with original pictures.


THE UNIVERSE: Fuel $5000 or more (Limit 4)

Everything in $500 reward PLUS:

  • Abby visits school of your choice in the Continental United Sates AND:
  • Sponsorship Logo on the for 12 Months (200×200 – Right hand column)


***Visit must be scheduled before 12/15/13. Schools outside Continental United States will need to cover travel expenses.







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