Check Out RocketSTEM’s New Spring Issue

The April issue of the new STEM magazine and highly acclaimed Check Out RocketSTEM's New Spring Issue RocketSTEM  has just been published! This free magazine is available for download by teachers, parents and anyone who has a passion to inspire kids to be excited about space exploration and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) learning. It’s a great STEM magazine for kids – check it out and pass it on to the kids you know! Some cool articles in this issue are:

  • Mission Accomplished: Curiosity discovers a habitable environment for life on Mars
  • Contest Challenges Students to Design New Radiation Shield
  • Stargazing to Discover Secrets of the Milky Way

I also want to thank the RocketSTEM team for their article about my STEM outreach campaign. It is an honor to be mentioned and I hope that many kids are inspired and that teachers and parents will sign up their classrooms for my #SoyuzAdventure web chats – you can sign up for this FREE opportunity here.

I am also excited to announce I will be writing an article for the next issue of RocketSTEM about my Soyuz Launch Adventure! I am so excited for this awesome opportunity! Click here to download the magazine as a free PDF file.

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