What is STEM Education – And Why Does it Matter?

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STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering, and Mathematics) is an important education area.We throw around the STEM acronym quite a bit – but what does it really mean? These areas are the core of our world’s technological advancement and are keys to the overall continual advancement of our society. These fields provide an approach of real-world, problem-based learning that students can apply in their lives, future learning, and careers. The great thing about STEM is that the subjects work together – they can be integrated together for cohesive teaching and learning. STEM education will be crucial to our future economy – and it’s important that we all start to recognize that.

As you probably know, I love STEM. Just love it. This area of education is full of new ideas, innovation, and excitement. STEM encourages critical thinking and real-world application. It helps me and other students to make connections between what we learn in school and what we see in our communities and in the world. Through STEM education, I learn to problem-solve, and I have fun, too! I think this area is so important and that a STEM education is incredibly valuable – we just need to remind kids that this kind of learning can be fun.

I was very sad to see that NASA recently decided to suspend their education and public outreach programs. STEM outreach is very important and an organization like NASA can do really important work in the area. Kids, families, and our society benefit incredibly from STEM outreach, and continuing to support and promote STEM all over the country will be crucial to all of our futures.

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