Spacewalk Live: Watch Luca Parmitano and Chris Cassidy July 9 and July 16

It’s an exciting time at the International Space Station and for my mentor Luca Parmitano and Chris Cassidy. Tomorrow at 6am CST they will venture out for their first Expedition 35 EVA (extra-vehicular activity) or commonly referred to as spacewalk. This will be Luca’s first spacewalk and fortunately he will be with veteran Chris Cassidy for guidance. They will leave the enclosed walls of the space station and get to see the earth without any obstructions. Wow! I’m so excited!

What’s even more exciting is that we will all be able to watch is space walk live.  It starts tomorrow at 6:40am CST (that’s 12:40pm GMT).

You can watch it right here on my blog! I will be excited to hear what you think after tuning in whether for a few minutes or the whole six hours.

Live Video streaming by Ustream


  1. SpaceCadetC says

    Amazing to sit and my laptop and see what Luca is seeing in real time on an EVA at 17,000mph.

    However NASA need to do more, we are used to HD TV, stunning special affects and editing, so we are already visually trained we are used to multi camera activities all cut together to tell amazing stories, once I passed through the “amazing what they can do stage”, the visuals and commentary were a little dull – we need people who can tell relatable stories giving us commentary and multi camera views with close ups.

    The amazing work needs bringing to life even more with less acronyms and more humanity.

    What Luca and Chris were doing, and that we could see it was amazing, Abby thanks for sharing. Teach NASA that they need to bring it to life and make it more relatable.

    • Juan-Carlos Duran says

      You make a good point SpacecadetC. However, most visual effects and great editing happens after something has been taped or filmed. Doing it live (like a sports event) requires a lot of cameras being used and a huge production team. Maybe we’ll get there soon>

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