I’m on a mission!

I am setting out to inspire my generation (the Mars Generation) to continue the exploration of space by sharing my journey of aspiring to become the first astronaut to Mars with the world! I started this worldwide outreach program in May of 2013 at the age of 15 as a way to share a once in lifetime opportunity of attending a legendary Russian Soyuz space launch. I was a VIP guest of my mentor Astronaut Luca Parmitano. I partnered with Luca Parmitano as his Earth Liaison, during his 6 month stay on the ISS, helping to spread his social media sharing while living in space during this time.

After Luca’s return to earth I decided to continue to run this outreach program called the #FutureOfSpace to continue to excite kids and adults about human space exploration and dreaming big.  As an early recipient of STEM programming I was taught that it’s important to pass on what you learn – this is what I do everyday with the #FutureOfSpace outreach program. I hope to pass along my own love of STEM and space to the Mars Generation and all generations.

The Mars Generation Nonprofit – Join Me!

I am honored to announce that as of September 15, 2015 my outreach program has been launched as part of The Mars Generation a 501c3 nonprofit that is dedicated to exciting people of all ages about space exploration and STEM education and educating people about the importance of both to humankind. Please check out the nonprofit website to learn more. The Future of Space Outreach Program will continue both with my own personal outreach efforts in the name of the nonprofit The Mars Generation as well as well as the mass outreach efforts of the nonprofit.

#FutureOfSpace program includes:

  • Sharing my adventures on my blog at AstronautAbby.com . As I work towards my dream of becoming the first astronaut to Mars I invite you to join me and follow the journey. Signup to receive blog updates through email here.
  • Pen articles for various publications around including Imagine (John Hopkins University), NASA, Reading Rainbow and others. Interested in having me write for your publication? Contact me here.
  • Sharing my adventure through online web chats  available to classrooms around the world. This is a chance for me to share my experiences and answer questions with kids everywhere. Interested in signing up for a chat? Contact me here.
  • Visit classrooms and/or school assemblies. This is a chance for kids to meet me and hear about my experiences in real life. This is incredibly powerful experience and I have enjoyed every visit! Contact me here to discuss a classroom visit.
  • Speak about my dream and experiences to different groups around the world. My speaking has led to me presenting a  TEDx talk titled “What’s Your Mars”, as well as a chance to speak at The Mars Society and many professional clubs and organizations around the world. Interested in having me speak at your event? Contact me here.