Space Shuttle Discovery Final Landing STS 133

Here is a video of the space shuttle discovery making it’s final landing. This space vehicle has the record of completing more missions than any other vehicle in NASA’s space fleet. This final mission marks the 39th mission, the Discovery has traveled approximately 148,221,675 miles during it’s 26 year history. During this last trip to space they recorded a cumulative of 365 days in orbit (stringing the 39 missions together). It is sad to see the shuttle retired after such an amazing record. But I imagine the day when I will be landing after my trip to Mars in a vehicle that will be much more advanced than this one. The advances made during the shuttle program and that will now be made as we venture into the next phase of space travel advancement (with private companies investing) will someday lead to the U.S. sending me and others in the Mars Generation to Mars.



    That Video Is SO KOOL isn’t it. I actually Stayed Up and Watched It LIVE on NASA’s Cameras. The Experience was Out Of This World (Excuse The Pun … lol ).
    I love your Post above, Abby. I too can see (Visualise) You Landing On Mars; and I’ll be here watching you (Hopefully LIVE) on NASA TV :-))

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