Space Camp 2012 Day 4: The honeymoon is over

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Today began with high tensions- everyone in our Mach II Aviation Challenge group has known each other for a few days and the honeymoon period has worn out. Tempers were running high. By the end of the day many tiffs had happened, and many had been resolved. These obstacles just made us stronger as a team.

I don’t have pictures of my experience to share yet – but here’s one from the Space Camp website so you can see what the zip lining experience is like. Photo Credit

After breakfast we had simulator (SIMs) practice and survival food/water procurement class. It was really interesting learning about what kinds of berries and plants are edible. Also there were some surprising ways to find water. One boy, Weezer, suggested a method in which you hang a plastic bag and a rock from a tree.

After our classes let out and we ate lunch and the real fun started: Zip lining! The zip line is basically a large tower that you climbed up and then jumped of off. It was really scary at the top, but as soon as I jumped I enjoyed the flight. It was very exhilarating. After that we had another really cool activity: the water crash helicopter simulator. This SIM is a metal container with windows that hangs over a lake. We sit inside of it and it gets lowered underwater. We have to swim out. The second time some people were given injures and so we had to work as a team to get them out. It was really different this time because I had to carry a boy twice my size with two ‘broken legs’. It showed us how important it is to act as a team.

I was supposed to meet with Dr. Barnhart the CEO of Space Camp for an interview about the Mars rover Curiosity landing but when I got to the office she was in an emergency meeting, so we rescheduled for the next day. (Never fear! The interview will happen and it, along with an blog post that will be posted shortly).

In the evening we had our first simulated mission. Our team was divided into two parts: one aggressor, one the USA. The aggressors were ‘conquistadores del mares’ or ‘conquerors of the sea’ that had taken over the Florida Keys. The USA’s goal was to take out their air force and destroy their ground base. Both sides fought admirably and there were no winners.

All in all it was a wonderful day with many learning opportunities and a lot of fun to be had while learning. Stay tuned for another update soon!

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Space Camp 2012 Day 4: The honeymoon is over



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