Space Camp 2012 Day One

This blog is part of my Space Camp 2012 blog series!

I just arrived at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama to attend my third year at Space Camp. After a grueling eight hours of travel (including a four hour layover in Chicago- yuck!). The plane rides were nice, mostly calm but with a bit of interesting turbulence. I enjoyed looking out the window when we were above the clouds, and hope to soon fly myself.

I am glad my flight was so early (7:30 am) because there seems to be a thunderstorm coming into Huntsville tonight! I hope those trainees still traveling to Space Camp get here safe and sound. I have yet to meet either of my roommates or my group, with the exception of David. David and I shared a connecting flight and bus ride to Space Camp. When we arrived we found out we also share a group for my first week of Space Camp which is the Mach III Aviation Challenge. One of the counselors has already decided what my call name will be (a call name is basically an official nick name that you get in aviation camp). So far I am Hogwarts, because of the Harry Potter shirt I wore today, who knows if it will stick. Tonight trainees will watch a movie together and get used to the campus. Tomorrow is when the real fun starts!

I am excited for the Mach III Aviation Challenge camp where I will get hands on training in fields of aerodynamics, aeronautics and jet propulsion. But I am equally excited for my second week of Space Camp in which I will attend the Advance Space Academy Mission Specialist program. During Advanced Space Academy I will get to do all the cool space camp things of the past and also get to do underwater astronaut training including scuba space-walk training. I can’t wait!

Stay tuned as I update my blog with my adventures over the next two weeks.

Signing off for now,

Astronaut Abby aka Hogwarts

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Space Camp 2012 day One



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