Space Camp 2012 Day 2: The adventure begins before the adventure begins

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Abigail Harrison

I arrived yesterday at Space Camp one day before the official start of camp. This is the first time I have come to Space Camp all on my own and arriving a day early (check out my post about Day 1 of Space Camp 2012 here) has meant that I have had more time to hang out on the campus and get to know some other campers who also came early.

But I would never have expected the adventure would start before my official Space Camp experience even began. This morning after eating breakfast with my new friends we walked around the campus and also spent time visiting the U.S. Space and Rocket Center museum. While walking around the Space Camp campus we ran into a film crew that was filming the movie Space Warriors. The directors of Space Warriors asked my friends and I to be extras in the film! How cool is that? Watch for us when Space Warriors debuts in 2013, we will be the group of unruly teens cheering in the crowd. Although being an extra for the film Space Warriors was some extra fun and an adventure we did not anticipate, I think my experiences at Advanced Space Academy and Mach III Aviation Camps will be even more exciting.

The Real Adventure Begins

This afternoon the Mach III Aviation Camp officially began, this meant I got to meet my group and roommates! It also meant that I can’t use my phone anymore (sigh). My first week is Mach 3 Aviation Challenge, a military camp. And boy did I have a lot to learn about military life!

My group leader “Sota” turned my eagle wings upside down on my flight suite. Says I have to earn them by end of the week.

My group consists of fifteen people around my age, sadly there were only three other girls and 11 boys! I share a dorm room with the three other girls, all of which are very nice, smart and fun! At the beginning of camp we all had to stand in front of the group and give a summary of ourselves. We were then assigned a call sign (basically a nick name that we go by for the week, usually short in order to facilitate missions) by our team mates. Mine was Cheerio! Because my teammates seemed to think I speak with a slight British accent (don’t know where that came from, but they all agreed). My roommates are; Shortround (from Indiana Jones, because she is short), KFC (she is from Kentucky and is vegetarian, ironic huh?), and Jenn-ai (think Forest Gump, because she has a thick Alabama accent). My counselor is also from Minnesota! His call sign is Sota.

We then proceeded to fly simulated jet planes in prep for missions later this week. Afterwards we got our olive green flight suits and camoflage pants/shirts. We learned basic military commands. It’s very interesting because whenever we go somewhere we have to stand at attention until our team leader or ‘commander sota’ yells for us to sit. Then we yell back “yes sir” in unison. It can get rather tedious, such as today at lunch when one of our teammates had to wait for a special meal to be prepared (due to allergyies) and we had to stand at attention for about 15 minutes. But it’s worth it, as commander Sota says “we eat together, live together, fight together, and solute together. We are a family. For the next week these are your brothers and sisters.”

Ok, I’m going to sign out now, it’s nearly midnight and I’m exhausted! Check back Tomorrow for another day of adventures and learning.


P.S. I am very excited about the Mars Rover landing tonight! One step closer to my goal of being the first astronaut to fly to Mars. #MarsOrBust2030

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Space Camp 2012 Day 2: The adventure begins before the adventure begins



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