Soyuz Returns Safely With Crew

Last night I awaited in anticipation as my mentor Luca Parmitano and his crew mates Karen Nyberg and Fyodor Yurchikhin made their way back to Earth. I was so happy to see the that the Soyuz returns safely with crew in tow! Their Soyuz capsule floated back to Earth and landed last night. It was exciting to see the landing and gave me a feeling of relief to know the crew members were all okay. What was also exciting is that they were carrying the Sochi Olympic torch, making it a historical flight as it’s the first time the torch has gone up to the space station and back down. This act is a true sign of international collaboration.

Watching Luca be extracted from the Soyuz and seeing the smile that was so recognizable – we have all seen it many times – was incredible, but to see him just as excited to come back to Earth as the day he went to space was truly awe-inspiring. What a great role model to people around the world. He truly is living his dream and spreading the message to follow your passions. Just look where it took him.

Welcome home Luca, Karen and Fyodor!

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