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My #SoyuzAdventure is all about inspiration. Just as my mentor, Luca Partimano, has inspired me, I’ve been inspired to inspire others as well. I’ve been given the incredible opportunity to attend the Soyuz launch, but the true opportunity comes in having the chance to share this experience with people all over the world.

I’m excited for the opportunity to do STEM (science technology engineering and mathematics) and space exploration outreach to kids everywhere, with a goal of teaching them to dream big. I’m focusing on spreading passion, a desire to learn, and a drive to dream – and here’s how I’m going to do it.

Reaching Out to Kids and Adults Everywhere

  • I will prepare for and lead a series of Skype classroom chats with students and teachers across the Globe. These chats will be a chance for me to share this experience and answer questions with kids everywhere. I’ve already led my first chat and the excitement from kids has been overwhelming. I want to continue to do this, having the chance to talk directly with kids to share my experiences and dreams, but to hear their’s as well. You can sign up here for an opportunity to host a chat at your school.
  • I will be sharing my adventure on my blog at and on my social sites. Starting now through the launch and beyond, young people (and adults!) will learn what it’s really like to prepare for travel around the world, to witness a launch of a Soyuz space ship, and experience a visit to both urban and remote areas of Russia. I’ll also be sharing daily updates on my Twitter and Facebook – I’ve found these are great places to connect with other people who have big dreams and want to pursue them!
  • I will be visiting a half dozen classrooms and/or school assemblies. This will be a chance for kids to meet me and hear about my experiences in real life. This is incredibly powerful. I hope to have the funds to do more than six of these visits and to travel around the country. This is an opportunity to connect with kids – face to face!
  • I will run a Astronaut Abby email “pen pal” program, where parents and teachers can help sign kids up to receive weekly-personalized emails from me sharing exciting STEM and space adventures. This will be especially powerful to keep kids engaged during the summer months. I hope this will also help remind kids that there are people out there who care about them and want them to keep dreaming. I hope to connect with kids on a personal level, using my knowledge and experiences to encourage them to continue to chase their dreams.
  • I will be presenting at several space or science conferences. I will share this experience as well as continue to ignite people who are excited about exploring space. Currently I am committed to speaking at The Mars Society Annual Conference in Boulder, Colorado on August 17 with several other speaking engagements being considered.
  • I will be writing for several science and space publications and blogs.

Join me in inspiring kids and adults everywhere

With any expedition, it needs people and resources to make it happen. In order to carry out my mission, I’m going to need the help of many people to help me raise funds for travel and to bring the experience to kids and adults around the world.

I’m asking you for your help too, and I’m hoping you will tell your family, friends and acquaintances too! Help me to share this experience and become an advocate for STEM and Space and Dreams! Buying your share of the rocket fuel to propel this mission can do just that.


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