Astronaut Abby Is Running the Space Coast Marathon! Here is how you can join the fun!

I am excited to announce that The Mars Generation has assembled a team for the Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon on November 26, 2017. I will be joining the fun by training and running my first marathon! While I have been a student-athlete for years, running a marathon will be a new and exciting challenge. And well, I love to be challenged! I am currently running 20 miles a week in pre-marathon training mode and will step up my training in about a month to begin the marathon training.

I invite you to join me and  The Mars Generation Team.

Learn more about TEAM TMG and this fun way to raise awareness for space and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) while also raising funds to send kids with financial need to Space Camp! Don’t worry, if you can’t join by running a race, you can join us in other ways (see below)!

Ways to join TEAM The Mars Generation:

1. Commit to running a race and join our team. If you join and raise $500 or more you will get an exclusive TEAM TMG race shirt that is made out of moisture wicking fabric and is uber cool (both literally and figuratively).

2. Donate to my fundraising page and help me reach my race fundraising goal of $10,000 to send kids who lack financial resources to Space Camp.

3. Share my journey of training and running the marathon with others including asking others to donate to my fundraising campaign.

4. Cheer me and my team on as we train hard! The hashtag is #TeamTMG

The Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon is a fun and unique marathon that is held in Cocoa Beach, Flordia each year. While this is Florida’s oldest marathon the space theme was only added in 2007. In 2013 a program called the “Big Bang Series” was created to honor the Space Shuttle Program and the accomplishments and sacrifices of all those involved. For 2017, the last year in the “Big Bang Series,” the shuttle honored is Atlantis. Each year of this series runners have been awarded a special medal that honors a specific Shuttle. The 5 Year Big Bang Shuttle Medals:

  • 2013- Columbia
  • 2014- Challenger
  • 2015- Discovery
  • 2016- Endeavor

You can get more information about the marathon and their new series of races titled “The Next Generation” that will start next year here. This is the only space-themed marathon and half marathon on the planet, which truly makes it exciting. Please consider donating to my marathon fundraising page to help send kids in poverty to Space Camp.


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