Questions About Space From a Preschool Class and Some Answers From Astronaut Abby

I often receive email requests to answer questions for students and schools and this one is especially cute, so I thought I would share it with you. It’s from a preschool class in Sydney, Australia. They are studying the solar system and space right now.

Here are the questions and answers:

Georgiana: “Are you going to go jumping on the moon?” I am hoping to go to be the first person to Mars, but who knows where I will end up, so the moon is definitely a possibility. 

Saphyre: “How does the fire come out of the rocket?” The power of the blast pushes the fire out of the bottom of the rocket, which is good because we don’t want it to come out of the top as the whole rocket would burn up.

Kasper: “How do you fly in a space ship?” You get seat belted in, a lot like being belted into a car seat and then you hang on tight!

Jack: “Where do you keep your space ship?” I don’t have my own space ship as they are very expensive. The space ships I hope to someday fly on will be kept at a NASA facility.

Harry: “Is your rocket the same as the one in Ben and Holly?” Not quite, but that’s a good starter rocket.

Hollie: “How do you get into the rocket?” Astronauts fly in a spacecraft that sits on top of the rocket. They get in the spacecraft by taking an elevator to the top.

Chloe: “How do you turn a rocket on?” There are a lot of buttons and knobs, but the rocket is mainly operated by the ground control team and computer.

Adia: “Is there a door on the rocket?” There is more like a hatch than a door.

Jack: “Do you need to draw a plan to build the rocket?” Yes for sure – engineers design the rocket and it starts with a plan.

Claudia: “Why do want a job so high on the moon?” I actually hope to have a job way further than the moon, I want to go to Mars! Because it is a place we have not explored with humans and there is a lot we can learn.

Georgiana: “What kind of shoes do you wear on the moon?” Special moon boots made by NASA

Chloe: “Have you ever seen an alien?” No

Hollie: “Will you find some moon rocks on the moon?” If I go to the moon I am sure I will find many moon rocks, otherwise hopefully on Mars, I will find Mars rocks.

Saphyre: “If you opened a door in the rocket, would you fly out into deep space?” Yes, you would.

Jack H: “Why do you want to go to space?” Because it is filled with places we have yet to explore and as a scientist, there is much I want to learn to help humankind.

James: “Why do you need to do some exercising to go into space?” It’s important to be physically fit because living in space is very hard on the human body.

William:”Have you ever seen space people?” No

Greta: “Why do you love going to the moon?” I think the moon would be amazing to see and there are many things we could learn by going there.


  1. Jack Irby says

    I love the kinds of questions kids come up with. They’re so innocent and curious. My kids never stop asking questions! I don’t mind, haha. It’s good to see they’re still fascinated by all things space adventures.

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