Promoting STEM in Schools: My Very First Classroom Chat

Soyuz Adventure STEM classroom chatsThe idea of speaking up and asking for what you want in this world is important. I would not have become Astronaut Luca Parmitano’s mentee had I not asked. I would not be attending his first launch into space if I had not asked. The truth is, I often say I am lucky to have these experiences, but all my amazing experiences have stemmed from me asking others to help me. If you don’t ask, people will not know what you want or how they can help you.

It doesn’t hurt to ask for what you want

This was a big theme of my first #SoyuzAdventure classroom web chat. The teacher Michael Buist reached out to me and asked for this hangout. The plan for my classroom web chats was to begin after the launch since we already have a lot of work to prepare to leave for the launch, including raising the funds for this eight months of outreach as well as planning and prepping for the trip and the reporting what I plan to do while on the trip. But here was an opportunity to start my classroom outreach now – it seemed like a good idea. So I said, why not!

The classroom web chat was conducted using Google+ Hangouts. I got to “hangout” with the amazing 5th graders at Know Gifted Academy in Chandler Arizona.  These kids were amazing – they prepared a list of questions that were better than the questions I had been asked to date by reporters! When the chat started it took a bit to get into the groove but once we got into it, it took off and was great. The kids were thoughtful, polite and interested! Their questions were fun to answer and I had a great time – in the end I got to show them the snow that was still on the ground in Minnesota (they have 80 degree weather in Arizona) and they got to meet my dogs! All the while also sharing with the the amazing journey I have been on so far – and hear a bit about their journeys as well.

My favorite question was “How does it feel to be famous to the 70 5th graders at KGA?” What a fun question! And if you want to see my answer you will have to check out the chat recording below…

Because of the supporters of #SoyuzAdventure 70+ kids had a chance to be inspired to follow their dreams and learn about space exploration and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Sign up your classroom for a chance to have a web chat with me

If you are interested in hosting a web chat at your school you can click here to enter for a chance to have me appear in your classroom. The more money I raise in my #SoyuzAdventure campaign the more chats I will be able to host. I hope to be able to do them all! Join the #SoyuzAdventure to help bring this message to thousands of kids everywhere.


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  2. @AstronautAbby – A teen bringing STEM inspiration to young……

    @ AstronautAbby – A teen bringing STEM inspiration to young people all over the world through her passion…

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