Positive Self Talk: How To Be Your #1 Cheerleader

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Imagine you’re at a sporting event, jumping up and down in the crowd for your favorite player. “You’ve got this!” you’re cheering them on. “You can do it!” You offer endless words of encouragement to the players, and soon enough, they score the winning goal.

Now imagine that player is you.

On your journey towards your dreams, you need to be your #1 cheerleader. You are your biggest support system, and through ups and downs, you should strive to always be there for yourself. As I wrote in the conclusion of my book, Dream Big!: How to Reach for Your Stars, “There’s nothing holding you back—now is your time to take action!” You’ll have enough obstacles on the way towards your dreams – don’t add your own negative mindset to the list. To help you stay positive, start developing good self-talk habits. The way you talk to yourself has a direct connection to success, so it’s important you do it right. Keep reading to learn more about why self-talk matters and how you can improve it today!

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Self-Talk: Why It Matters

Think of self-talk, or your internal monologue, as the script for your life. The way you talk to yourself is directly related to your outlook on situations, and your outlook, in turn, is connected to how you act and how you feel. In this self-talk script, you want to be the protagonist, the one who reaches their dreams and lifts up their community along the way. Doesn’t that sound great?

Frame Your State of Mind

The first influential factor of self-talk is your state of mind. The way you talk to yourself drastically affects your outlook. When you go into a situation with a positive outlook, there’s a better chance the outcome will be positive as well. Encourage yourself to look on the bright side and soon you’ll see the results!

Think of it like this: If you walk into every situation telling yourself, “This is going to be great!,” there’s a better chance it will be. In contrast, if you walk in thinking, “This is going to be bad,” you’re setting yourself up for a negative outcome. Your frame of mind can be the difference between accomplishing your goals and falling behind in your plan.

Improve Your Self-Talk to Build Relationships

Positive self-talk won’t only improve your outlook, but your relationship as well! When you are able to maintain better introspection and positivity towards yourself, this will begin to radiate towards others. Your confidence will show and your ability to make and maintain friends, colleagues, mentors, and more will improve.

There have even been studies that have shown this; that better self-talk has been linked to better behavior under social stress, even among more vulnerable individuals with social anxiety. When you are better able to handle social stress, you will have the energy you need to form better relationships and be your most confident self. It takes a village to achieve your goals; being able to better build relationships will serve you in leaps and bounds when chasing after your dreams.

To read more about gaining a support system, check out my blog post titled “HOW TO FIND YOUR CHEERLEADERS.”

Be Your #1 Cheerleader

Throughout your journey, you need to be your number one cheerleader. You are a constant in your life; you are always there for yourself and you know yourself better than anyone. Because of this, your relationship with yourself matters most. You need to support and be able to motivate yourself so that at the end of the day, whether you accomplish your goals or not, you’ve got your own back.

Having a beneficial frame of mind, a positive mood, and being a supportive cheerleader are all characteristics of a good protagonist. When your internal monologue is read in such a way, you’ll be able to bring these benefits to life and use them to reach success. Before you can do that, though, you need to write your script!

Astronaut Abby_Positive Self Talk_Cheerleader_The Mars Generation
Self-Talk: How To Improve It

Now that you know the significance of being the protagonist in your story, it’s time to write the script, AKA your internal monologue! These are the words and phrases that will make your positive self-talk a habit that will run on its own. In no time, they will give you the boost and support you need to achieve your goals.

Positive Affirmations

The best way to make positive self-talk a habit is through inspirational affirmations! Cheer yourself on like you’d cheer on your best friend; say things like “You can do this!”, “You’ve got this!”, and “I believe in you!” Having that little reminder in the back of your mind can go a long way, and these affirmations can give you a boost of positivity and confidence when you need it most.

Pro Tip: To make your affirmations count, research shows you shouldn’t talk to yourself in the first person (for example: saying “I know I can do it.”). Try to refrain from using “I” statements and instead use “you” statements (for example: “You can do it!”). By doing so, you will reap all the benefits of positive affirmations and ensure you are your number one supporter.

Combat Negative Thinking

The next way to improve your positive self-talk is by combating negative thinking. Catch yourself when you’re thinking illogically, irrationally, or over-negatively, and try to replace those thoughts with more positive ones. Doing so is easier said than done and by no means do you have to catch every negative thought right away, but over time your negative thoughts will fade as you catch more and more of them. Once you’ve successfully transitioned your thoughts to more positive ones, you’ll be more in control of situations you face.

To combat negative thinking, it can be helpful to think of a visual! Imagine you’re physically throwing away negative thoughts and bringing in more positive ones instead. You can also name your visual thoughts and imagine them as separate from yourself. This is what Brené Brown, professor at the University of Houston Graduate College, does! She calls her negative thoughts gremlins, and by imagining them as individual creatures, she doesn’t let them weigh her down.

Do Things That Make You Happy

Lastly, do things that make you happy. Positivity can come from all different corners of your life and affects everything you do. By doing things that make you happy, you will boost both your outlook as well as your desire to pursue your goals. Just as well, your perception of yourself will increase, and that confidence will give you the boost you need to chase after your wildest dreams.

Cheer Yourself On!

Now it’s time to turn words into actions and become your number one cheerleader! The more kind to yourself, the better your journey towards your dreams will be. I believe in you … now go believe in yourself!

If you want to learn more about developing positive self-talk and building a community of support, check out my book, Dream Big!: How to Reach for Your Stars. In it, I offer my advice on how to accomplish even your wildest dreams and share interactive activities to help you along the way. Learn all about setting goals, creating a plan, and more!



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