Picture of My History Day Project

Here it is the “first draft” of my history day project. My teachers have evaluated it and given me feedback to make it better for the regional competition which will be on April 2, 2011. So back to the drawing board for draft number two. My goal is to make it to the state and national competition. Given the importance of the International Space Station on the future of space including sending humans to Mars, I thought it was a perfect project. My generation, the Mars Generation will make it to Mars because of the hard work of all the people and countries involved in the ISS.

Some cool features of my project. Everything attaches to the metal board with magnets except for my iPad which is attached with velcro. This is similar to how they keep things “grounded” on the International Space Station…Lots of velcro and magnets. What makes it cool for my project is that I can make improvements on my project very easily as non of the items are glued to the actual metal board. Also I can pull off pictures, quotes, etc. to hand to judges when answering questions. This makes it more interactive.

I am very excited for the regional event. Wish me luck!


    • Abigail Harrison says

      Thank you kc3344 I appreciate you bringing that to our attention. We have looked through the rules and can’t seem to find anything that talks about this rule – I am going to ask my teacher tomorrow. If you have a link for us that would be great. Again, Thanks. 🙂 Abby

  1. Mighty Ångström says

     It looks SO different from the final board! Really glad we put in the time and effort for that, even if you didn’t go on.


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