Photos of My New Home, Wellesley College

Now that I have chosen Wellesley College as my home for the next four years, I thought I would share some photos from my recent tour. The best way I can describe the Wellesley campus is that it’s incredibly beautiful. Sitting on over 500 acres of land, there is plenty of nature and room to explore. It also has a bit of Hogwarts blended with a more modern twist.

I love the history of the college and the fact that it’s built on hills, which helps keep the students in shape as they walk the campus. It is a plus for a future astronaut! The Wellesley Alumnae are known to be the perhaps the most powerful women’s network in the world. It’s an honor to be joining this community and I look forward to the mentorship that the generation before me will bring to my generation, The Mars Generation™. I also look forward to the new friends I will make during my time there – knowing these women will be with me throughout my career. Scroll below to read the captions of each photo and learn more about the Wellesley campus.


This is the admissions building! It was hard to capture the entire building on an iPhone, but it’s a beautiful old building that has all the custom molding and historic architecture both inside and out that I have grown to love while living in the city of Minneapolis. I am a huge fan of old architecture!


This is residence hall Stone Davis, and picture does not do it justice. It wraps around in a curve on both sides and faces a beautiful lake. Current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called this building home for her years at Wellesley. I would love to live in this dormitory, but I have no idea of where I will live or who my roommate is yet!


The Chapel at Wellesley is beautiful and feels welcoming. The chapel is not specific in faith, which is very nice. Many religious and non-religious affiliated events happen in the chapel.


This is a photo of one end of the library building. The library is massive and once again it’s hard to get a photo that shows the entire building. There are science and music-specific libraries housed here as well as a general library. I love that there is a science-specific library!


When you first walk into the library, this is what you see. It’s gorgeous and makes you want to sit down and absorb as much knowledge as you can. I can’t wait to study here!


Here’s the Campus Student Center. It’s a much more modern building. The bookstore, a coffee shop, restaurant/cafeteria and many other things are housed here. The inside is as unique as the outside. Simply wonderful!


The Science Center at Wellesley College is really cool inside. It’s a mix of old architecture and some new architecture as well! When I stand in this building and look around, I imagine in my head “this is home.” I can see myself spending many hours in this building. I can’t wait!


Here is a photo collage I made of inside the Science Center to try and let you see some of what I see when I stand within the central corridor.



I can’t wait to participate in the astronomy research that takes place in the Whitin Observatory. This photo is with Professor Wes Watters, who is a Mars expert and will be one of my instructors! He is explaining some of the work the college does using the three large telescopes that are part of the Whitin Observatory.


I thought this t-shirt in the bookstore was great. “Wellesley women. Great Secretaries…of State.” I am already a major feminist, but I am guessing my time at Wellesley will only strengthen my beliefs. I cannot wait!

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