Paving the Way with Bluemercury’s Empowerment Campaign: Alongside Five Other Female Founders!

Astronaut Abby_Bluemercury's Empowerment Campaign_The Mars Generation

Exciting news! I am ecstatic to share that I am part of the new Bluemercury empowerment campaign and have my very own shade of Lune+Aster tinted lip balm. I am so honored to be included in this campaign alongside five other extraordinary women who have each founded their own nonprofit organizations. From working to break down gender stereotypes to empowering young people to pursue their dreams, I am honored to be included among this dynamic and action-packed group.

My shade in this collection, “Pave The Way,” represents my mission to provide opportunities and representation to young people in STEM and show them that they are capable of anything they set their minds to. I am incredibly grateful that Bluemercury made a generous donation to my nonprofit organization, The Mars Generation so that more people can get involved in this mission and help inspire others to dream big!

Be sure to check out the full line of shades here. All the products in this collection are phthalate, sulfate, and paraben-free, vegan-friendly, with no animal testing, which means you can take care of both our planet and your skin when you wear your favorite shade!

Keep reading to learn more about the other inspiring women who have also released shades in this collection! 

Ariel Beck: Girls Who Start

Ariel Beck: Girls Who Start_Astronaut Abby_The Mars GenerationWomen are significantly underrepresented in entrepreneurship, and Ariel Beck has made it her mission to change that. She founded Girls Who Start in order to provide more women with the opportunities and resources they need to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. She embodies the name of her shade “Girls Helping Girls” as she works to lift up others and inspire them to pursue their goals.




Ina Bhoopalam: Dream Equal Ina Bhoopalam: Dream Equal_Astronaut Abby_The Mars Generation

Ina Bhoopalam founded Dream Equal to help give everyone the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, no matter their gender. Her organization is dedicated to breaking down gender stereotypes,  biases, and discrimination and creating a more inclusive world through advocacy and empowerment programs. The name of her shade “Dare to Dream” embodies this mission to its fullest and represents Ina’s dedication to giving everyone the chance to dream.



Valerie Weisler: The Validation Project

Valerie Weisler: The Validation Project_Astronaut Abby_The Mars GenerationValerie Weisler is on a mission of kindness. Her organization, The Validation Project, helps students everywhere turn their passions into positive action and teaches young people that their voice matters. She believes that when students empower one another, sustainable change is possible, and that’s where her shade name “Lift Each Other Up” comes from!




Haile Thomas: The HAPPY Org Haile Thomas: The HAPPY Org_Astronaut Abby_The Mars Generation

Haile Thomas believes strongly in the importance of the interconnectedness of our physical well-being, mental health, and soul.  Her organization, The HAPPY Org, aims to empower youth through holistic education. The HAPPY Org provides wellness activities and opportunities for young people to become active participants in their communities. Haile’s shade “Mind & Body” was named as a continuation of this mission and is a reminder to always check in on your physical and mental health.

Judith Martinez: InHerShoes

Judith Martinez: InHerShoes_Astronaut Abby_The Mars GenerationJudith Martinez’s nonprofit organization InHerShoes is built around the question: “What would you do if you were 1% more courageous?” Through teaching others to take life one percent at a time, InHerShoes is dedicated to helping young girls and women around the world pursue their passions and live courageously. Judith’s shade “Yes We Can” embodies her organization’s philosophy and represents her mission to show that when we choose courage over fear, anything is possible.



Check Out The Collection Today!

I am so excited to be able to share this collection with you all, and I hope that you can rock our shades while chasing after your goals and fulfilling your dreams. To learn more about this amazing Bluemercury campaign, click here, and if you want to see the full line of Lune+Aster’s New Tinted Lip Balms, be sure to click here.



  1. Yishuka Basnet says

    Awesome sauce! You’re working pretty hard! Love you….
    I can’t get Amazon but, is your book available in Nepal’s book store?
    [I’m writing a book too on the topic mars generation and I’m nine]
    So it may be a little weird too!!

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