Astronaut Abby NASA Expert Virtual Visit: One Woman’s Journey To Become The First To Walk On Mars

I am excited to share that I served as a NASA Virtual Expert through their Digital Learning Network on Wednesday, April 19th. The Digital Learning Network hosts closed interactive video conferences with classrooms or live stream events where an expert on a subject topic is selected to talk to students and attendees about work and experiences in that particular area.

I presented on the topic of “One Woman’s Journey to Become the First to Walk on Mars!” The presentation was about my lifelong journey to become a scientist, astronaut and hopefully someday the first astronaut on Mars. I also talked about my work as an International Space and STEAM ambassador for The Mars Generation.

You can watch the video from my presentation below.


  1. Markus Gmür says

    Hi Abby, greetings from Barcelona
    I don’t know if you like Soccer (Football EU) But as you prepare for being the First Woman-Space-Lady to
    walk on Mars – I w’d like to introduce you to this exciting fascinating cosmic ‘semi-virtual’ project regarding Football Club Barcelona aka Barça with his world famous player Leo Messi. – In the year 2199 we shall be fully present on Mars. – please have a look at our BETA-Web presentation, to give you an idea of what we have in mind. How can I contact you to give you more details – I’m in contact with NASA in Pasadena since the launch of the Curiosity Rover….
    Awaiting news with great interest…
    Hasta la vista on Mars.
    Markus Gmür – promotor i principal culpable projecte Culés@Mart

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