Web chat with Astronaut Abby and Andy Weir Author of the Martian

Watch my web chat with Andy Weir, Author of the Martian below.

It’s not often an 18 year old gets to interview a New York Times bestselling author. And to top that off you  may never again find a young aspiring NASA astronaut with a dream to be the first to Mars interviewing Andy Weir, author of The Martian. You won’t want to miss this! The chat was a lot of fun and especially getting a small preview of what to expect in the movie coming out in October. If you have yet to read the book, I recommend you pick up a copy now! Enjoy the chat!



  1. Dr. Philip Freedland/Lynn Freedland says

    Incredible interview Abby. Andy Weir is phenomenal and ‘especially’ affable. Obviously loves what he does and enjoys story telling. You were beyond poised and the questions were quite interesting. Looking forward to the movie as Andy even said there might be slight differences in the screenwriting for the film. Bravo & congrats on job very well done. Lynn & Dr. Phil (flight surgeon Gemini 10,11,12, & 204A/Apollo1 missions)

  2. Onyx says

    Abigail Harrison overestimates her own kind, I fear. The authors imagination is as it should be, though.

    Because of her I am going to take the time to overlook “NASA’s” actual and detailed plans for the Mission to Mars. Let me guess … gravity assist, a long trip … artisanry focused on long term survival, environment control. This what I am expecting. 😉

    The entire big Red planet blueprint will be nothing but ISS in motion.

  3. hachem says

    hello abby how are you it was a very interesting dialogue Especially You are a young girl has a bright future I wish you success and Conciliation I hope that you have a special email For fans thank you


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