#AskLuca: @Astro_Luca answers questions about his upcoming spacewalk

Luca has been preparing for his very first EVA spacewalk for a long time (several years of earth training and simulations before even getting to the space station), and this past week he has spent a lot of time getting ready for the big day. We’re all so excited to watch the event live, but before we get to experience that tomorrow, Luca has answered some key questions about his feelings about his first EVA spacewalk. This is your chance to get the inside scoop – check it out!

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EVA Spacewalk 1Question 1: The Sun’s Effects

 -asked by May, via #AskLuca blog form

Question: How does the sun affect your eyes during a space walk? Can they be damaged from looking at the sun? If they are affected, how do they prevent them from being damaged?

Luca’s Answer: The sun is extremely bright outside, so much that it physically hurts. As it would happen on Earth, our eyes could be damaged – that’s why our suits have those special golden-colored visors, that reflect a lot of the light. Also if the sun is really in front of us, our helmets has special shades, on the side and on the top, that we can use to shield our eyes.


Question 2: EVA Excitement

 -asked by Irish Space Blog, @irishspaceblog

EVA Spacewalk 2

Question: What are you guys most looking forward to on the upcoming EVAs? Exciting times inside and outside spaceship ISS!

Luca’s Answer: Everything: this is my first ever EVA, and I’m just excited and privileged to be able to experience it.

Question 3: EVA EmotionsEVA Spacewalk 3

 -asked by Micah, @mt_winston

Question: Before you do your spacewalk, what emotion have you been feeling?

Luca’s Answer: I’m very focused at the tasks, at the moment, but as the day gets closer I’m definitely getting more excited at the thought. Certainly a part of me is also thinking “please don’t mess this up!”

Question 4: EVA Training

 -asked by Abby, @AstronautAbby

Question: What type of training did you do on earth to prepare for your EVA’s?

EVA Spacewalk 4

Luca’s Answer: Some of the best training you can do for an EVA is done underwater, in a huge pool called the NBL (Neutral Buoyancy Lab) in Houston. There we train in actual spacesuits around a 1:1 mockup of the ISS, and we learn how to operate our suits and  how to work with it outside and how to navigate around the Station.

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