#AskLuca: Luca’s Insights on the ISS Experience

We all know being on the ISS would be an incredible experience, but even more incredible is the opportunity to hear the perspective of someone who is on there right now! This week’s #AskLuca gives us some insight into Luca’s thoughts about being on the ISS. Spoiler alert: he loves it!

Want to be a part of #AskLuca?

As part of my #SoyuzAdventure outreach I am serving as the Earth Liaison for my mentor Astronaut Luca Parmitano who is currently part of the crew of Expedition 36 on the International Space Station. As Luca’s Earth Liason I will be chatting with Luca on his social channels and following his adventures as he shares them online as well as following the NASA and ESA updates about Luca’s mission. As part of my role I will be blogging weekly about Luca’s mission as well writing this weekly #AskLuca column.

If you have questions for Luca that you would like answered you can submit them here. I will pick several questions to ask Luca each week on either Twitter or Google+ and when I get his answers I will post them here on my blog. You can follow the hashtag #AskLuca on either Google+ or Twitter to follow our conversations. This is already turning into a great adventure! Stay Tuned!

AskLucaQuestion 1: Thought Changes on the ISS

 -asked by Federico, @Trenton_94

Question: Ciao Luca!, from Italy! How much does your mind changes after seeing the whole world from that high? No boundaries, no differences between peoples. Like a john lennon song… if you could leave a message of peace, what would it be?

Luca’s Answer: The world seen from up here is both beautiful and fragile, the only oasis of life in a barren black. I hope to show that to people, rather with images than with words…

Question 2: Loving the ISS?AskLuca

 -asked by Candice, @Cfahooligan

Question: We saw your face upon entering the ISS. Happiest man in outer space. Was it everything you’d hoped it would be and then some? Describe for us that moment when your dreams came true of being in space for the first time.

Luca’s Answer: It was even more than I could ever dream of. I don’t know enough words to describe what I felt, but it’s as close as I will ever get to live in a dream, my dream of over 30 years. And you don’t have to wake up! It felt at once like absolute freedom (of motion, but not only), and of joy at feeling so well in 0g.


Huge smile as Luca floats on the International Space Station. Photo Credit: NASA


Question 3: Luca’s Food Preferences

 -asked by KevBell, @KevBell007

AskLuca 3

Question: Hi Luca! Did it take long to get used to weightlessness? Plus, which is tastier – the US or Russian space food? 🙂

Luca’s Answer: It didn’t take long at all: I felt rather well immediately, and after recovering from a very tiring event like launch, I felt immediately at ease. To be fully comfortable inside the ISS (knowing how to get around, where things are, how to go to the toilet and so on) it’s a completely different story: the full adaptation is ongoing, but I felt really comfortable after 2 weeks.

As for food: I like all kinds, and honestly it’s all really good, including the European one. Each Space Agency contributes to the menu, and I have my favorites in each and every menu.


AskLucaQuestion 4: Surprises on the ISS

 -asked by Micah, @mt_winston

Question: Was there anything that surprised you when you first got on the ISS?

Luca’s Answer:  I was surprised at how accurate most of the simulators are: that’s why I felt so at ease.

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