Washing Hair In Space: Luca and Karen show us how it’s done!

Life on the International Space Station is anything from normal. Living in zero gravity provides challenges that we just don’t have on earth. With Karen Nyberg currently orbiting the earth with a full head of long hair it was inevitable the question would come up of how exactly she washes her hair. It’s a good question and kind of fascinating to think about. Thankfully last week Karen showed us how she washes her hair in space. It’s a great video you can watch it below. And just so he wasn’t left out Luca Parmitano has released a video on how he washes his hair in space. Now I found Karen’s video very useful because someday that will be me…Luca’s video on the other hand…well I don’t see myself being bald anytime soon…but the entertainment value is priceless!

Life on the International Space Station | Washing Hair In Space


  1. Siza111 says

    Yeah.. Someday you’ll be washing hair in Space just like Karen… 😀 Waiting for that day to come… 🙂

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