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future of space discussion group

It’s with great excitement that I announce a new addition to my Future Of Space worldwide outreach program. My outreach program, designed to excite kids and adults about space exploration, STEM learning and dreaming BIG has been a huge success since it’s inception 18 months ago with the #SoyuzAdventure and it’s grown bigger than I could have ever imagined. With public speaking events such as my TEDx talk, many classroom visits and web chats as well as writing for various publications, it has been a whirlwind.

The Circle of Inspiration Grows! Dream Big. Act Big. Inspire Others.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work (besides all of you reaching out on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter with encouragement and support) has been the number of kids and young adults around the world who have written me emails, sent me Facebook messages and tweeted to me to tell me that they too have a big dream, and I have inspired them. Back when I first setup my Astronaut Abby Twitter account it was rare to see a 13-year-old on Twitter and certainly not one who was proclaiming a dream that was so enormous, it was almost impossible. The space community embraced me, and it was pretty amazing and unexpected. As my online community has grown so has the number of kids popping up on Twitter and other online channels telling me things like, “I want to be an astronaut,” “I want to be an astrophysicist” or “I want to be a film producer.” Whatever their dreams are, kids and young adults are talking about them and believing they can reach for their stars.

To have inspired so many kids and see so many walk in my shoes and follow my path, is simply humbling. I am honored, and I want to support each and every one of these kids and young adults. I want to support the many adults who’ve also reached out to me too! It’s a movement–of people of all ages–willing to reach for the stars and grab onto what comes with dreaming big, acting big and inspiring others. This is the circle of inspiration, as I talk about in my TedX talk.

A New Place To Inspire and Be Inspired

It is with this amazing pouring out of dreamers and doers that I have ventured out with encouragement of others to create a place where this community can dream and share and of course talk about the #FutureOfSpace…so I am proud to announce a new Facebook group that I will facilitate. I hope the group will be a place where we all share our dreams, encourage and inspire each other and continue to grow the awe-inspiring wonder of space exploration. Come join me now!

Click here to join the #FutureOfSpace Facebook community

Dreamers, Doers, and those who want to inspire and be inspired are all welcome!

Share your dreams, share the space images and links of things you think are important and help build this community of dreamers.

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