What is Geo-Literacy?

As you know, I’m really passionate about education. Inspiring the next generation and getting young people excited about learning is really important to me. Most of us have heard about the importance of STEM education, but what about the broader picture? The modern term, geo-literacy is a big part of our educational future, and some of us don’t even know what it is!

geo-literacyGeo-literacy is all about connection. National Geographic says that it consists of three components: interactions, interconnections, and implications. The idea behind the term is that we begin to use geographic understanding and reasoning to make decisions about our world. Geo-literacy encourages us to see the world through various systems and how those systems interact. It teaches us to use geographic reasoning to see how one place in the world is connected to other places. It also inspires our decision-making, teaching us to reason systematically by understanding what the implications of one decision may be.

This idea goes beyond the knowledge of geography and pushes us to learn how people interact with their environments in different places throughout the world. Geo-literacy is an exciting idea that is important to begin teaching about when students are young. This type of education is inspiring and gives kids the opportunity to analyze and understand differences in cultures, people, and systems. A push toward geo-literacy education is already beginning – and I’m excited about it!

I have exciting news that I am waiting to announce – I can’t tell you yet, but it will be soon! What I can tell you is that I am going to have an opportunity that will allow me to continue in this type of learning. I will have an incredible chance to witness how other cultural systems interact and I can’t wait to share my new knowledge with you! That’s all I can say now, but you should be sure to sign up for my email updates to ensure you hear about my news as soon as it comes out!

Still interested in learning more? National Geographic explains geo-literacy wonderfully in this awesome video.

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