Talking About Dreaming Big at East Kootenay Science Fair

Last week I got the amazing opportunity to speak in Cranbrook British Columbia at the East Kootenay Science Fair. Thursday was my day to speak to middle school and high school kids. I spoke twice on Friday – once to middle school students who were entered into the science fair, and then again to the public. Saturday I presented to the elementary students who participated in the fair. It was about 1,000 kids total! I answered a lot of questions and got to be around inspiring aspiring science students! It was awesome seeing all of the students’ projects and getting to talk to them about STEM, space and dreaming big! I’m so thankful for getting the chance to do this.

Here are a few photos from the event:

Cranbrook 1

This was my view at the East Kootenay science fair before I got the chance to speak.

Cranbrook 2

While signing autographs during the last day of the East Kootenay science fair, I asked each kid if they had any questions. Some were shy and had a hard time speaking up – but I could tell they had a question. I told them if they don’t ask me a question I was going to ask them one. That usually encouraged them to ask. 🙂

Cranbrook 4

Yes I talk with my hands just a bit. I can’t remember what I was explaining to these kids but you can tell it was important! 🙂

Cranbrook 3

This very serious 3-year-old, Zachary, came up to ask a question immediately after my talk at the East Kootenay science fair – I was impressed by his question and also how intently he listened to my answer. Perhaps a future astronaut or maybe a rocket scientist?

Thank you to Zachary and all the other kids for being active members of the Mars Generation!



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