Earth Day 2012 Science: Exciting Opportunity for AstronautAbby

Yesterday Abby had the unique opportunity of appearing on the Kare 11 Sunrise News. She was invited by The Kitchen Pantry Scientist, Liz Heineke to join the show for a visit to discuss Earth Day 2012 and help conduct a fun science experiment that teaches kids about climate change effects on our environment (See for yourself how the carbon dioxide in your own breath can make a water-based solution more acidic. It’s the same reason too much carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere can be bad for our oceans).

You can view Abby and The Kitchen Pantry Scientists appearance on the Kare 11 Sunrise News segment about Earth Day by clicking here.

AstronautAbby will also be participating in the Minnesota Science Museum Earth Day 2012 Tweetup on Saturday April 21, 2012 to celebrate the new Future Earth exhibit.

Some exciting stuff coming up! We hope to see you at the Science Museum this Saturday!


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