Dreaming Big: Join Me For Some #FlightSuitFriday Inspiration

The Mars Generation and I are so excited for  #FlightSuitFriday this Friday February 15th and next Friday, February 22nd, 2019. Join us for a chance to win some super cool FREE TMG gear!

What is #FlightSuitFriday?

A day to bring awareness to the role ‘flight’ plays in space and STEM! We are encouraging you to share on social media: a photo of yourself in your flight suit and/or TMG member T-shirts or shirts purchased the TMG store. Any photo shared for the week between Friday, February 15th and Friday, February 22nd counts as an entry!

As an #AspiringAstronaut from a young age, the iconic flight suit has always been special and inspirational to me, as a symbol of the massive dream I’ve been working towards for so many years. My mantra, what I call the Circle of Inspiration, is Dream Big! Act Big! Inspire Others! And to me, this is embodied in the flight suit.

To share about my out of this world dream with you, to pass along some of this inspiration, and to launch my new #MarsRed flight suit – myself and The Mars Generation and I are inviting you all to participate in #FlightSuitFriday with us!

Why participate in #FlightSuitFriday?

Because it’s a celebration of what the flight suit represents for many people, young and old: dreaming big! Just like, to me, the flight suit symbolizes my dream of becoming an astronaut, it also represents so many other big dreams! Some of the coolest jobs in the world come with a flight suit, and young people and adults from around the world like to wear flight suits to signify their own big dreams.

Whether your big dreams are to be an astronaut (like me!), a pilot, a member of the Air Force, an EMT, or any of the other cool professions that come with a flight suit – or your dreams have gone beyond the flight suit to something else – this iconic clothing expresses our aspirations for the future.

So, as I don my brand new #MarsRed flight suit and take another bold step towards my dreams, join me by putting on your flight suit and let’s share our big dreams, aspirations and passions with the world!

What do I get by participating in #FlightSuitFriday February 15th – February 22nd, 2019?

Astronaut Abby Red Flight Suit FridayEveryone who participates will receive either a TMG coloring book or TMG Follow Me To Mars Bumper sticker (giveaway prizes are randomly selected). It’s easy, all you have to do to enter is:

  1. Follow me – Aspiring Astronaut Abigail Harrison aka Astronaut Abby – on Twitter or Instagram
  2. Follow my nonprofit The Mars Generation on Twitter or Instagram
  3. Share a photo of yourself or someone else* in a flight suit or TMG clothing on Twitter or Instagram between Friday 2/15 and Friday 2/22 with the following in your post:
  • The #FlightSuitFriday and #giveaway hashtags
  • Tag my Twitter or Instagram and The Mars Generation’s Twitter or Instagram
  • Tell me your big dreams or how you act big to inspire others

Make sure you have complied completely with the giveaway rules. Then, direct message us with a request to get your free prize.

Click here for complete giveaway details.

I hope you will join The Mars Generation and I for this fun and inspiring day and help spread the excitement of Dreaming Big! Acting Big! And Inspiring Others! Let’s have some fun for #FlightSuitFriday!

*Note: You must have permission to post photos of another person and/or you can use astronaut photos in public domain (ex. Photos owned by NASA). See giveaway rules for full guidelines on sharing photos of someone else.


  1. Peter Simmons says

    So excited about what you were doing! I teach them to children in groups of 100 to 200 at a time. One of my themes is getting to moms.
    I’m going to try to enclose a photo of me teaching my class.

  2. Craig R. Jones says

    Where may I donate several only slightly used USAF flight suits, size 40R I think? All in great condition. Some with USAF Test Pilot School and other patches.


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    yours obediently
    g.atchi babu
    my cell number INDIA 919494595112

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