Where is it? Where is it? There it is! Cheer!!! It’s gone: My Launch Experience of Endeavour STS 134

My launch experience…there were lots of clouds so I only saw about 4 seconds of the shuttle…but it was still awesome and the sound and feeling of the shuttle blasting into space was so amazing! Below is the email and picture I sent to my mom (who was over at the NASA press site during launch) – the picture shows the 4 second window we saw.

General crowd: where is it? Where is it? There it is! Cheer!!! It’s gone.


  1. Mr. G. says

    Bummer about the clouds, but that had to be an incredible 4 seconds. I showed the CNN video of the blast off to each of the social studies classes on Monday. We were all wondering what your experience was like. I jokingly told them you were a stow away. Have a safe trip back.

  2. Rickcai2000 says

    I thought i left a message but apparently it didnt go thru. Anyway, it’s Rick (NY) from STS-134 launch..Yup my first one also and i was just as excited. It was my pleasure to have met such an inspiring Astronaut and her mom. Any plans for STS-135?? i am looking into it now!..later..and next stop..MARS!


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