Chatting with Luca Parmitano On the ISS | Recording

Thanks to Penny Pettigrew for taking this picture while I talked to Luca!

Thanks to Penny Pettigrew for taking this picture while I talked to Luca!

Thanks to the entire International Space Station Payload Operations Communications Team (Marshall Space Flight Center – Huntsville Alabama) and Mission Control (Johnson Space Center – Houston Texas) and Penny Pettigrew for helping coordinate this amazing opportunity. I was able to speak to my mentor Luca Parmitano on Friday July 26, 2013 while he was orbiting the earth on the ISS. It’s pretty amazing that he was speaking to me from space. What an incredible experience!

It’s taken me awhile to publish this recording here on my blog because I had to sit down and learn how to upload an mp3 to the blog. Turns out this was not that challenging to learn – I just had to make the time! Check out the recording below.


Press the play button below to hear the recording

Transcript of Recording:

Luca: This is Luca.

Payload Communications (PLC): Is this Luca?

Luca: It’s my understanding that you have a guest out there who may be interested in talking to me for some reason.
PLC: We do. Give us just a few minutes to get her in here and we’ll call up.
Luca: Standing by.
PLC: Okay, Luca, we’re back with you on two.
Luca: And I’m on two ready to copy.
PLC: Okay, I’ll let her say hello.
Abby: Hi, Luca! It’s Abby.
Luca: You’ve been quite the traveler haven’t you been?
Abby: Yeah, I guess so. How are you doing?
Luca: Oh, I’m doing great. This is so exciting and always a good time. And secondly I’m on the space station which is always a fabulous time. So I couldn’t be better.
Luca: How is Alabama treating you?
Abby: I can’t imagine it couldn’t be better up there. We’re doing good down here also. Thank you for all the recommendations for things to do while we were in Houston. Oh, and my mom says hi also.
Luca: Hello back to your mom. I’m glad you enjoyed Houston. I really like Houston, it’s a fun city and even though I’ve never been to Huntsville it’d be fun to have a look down there. It was quite a busy day with them and a lot of fun.
Abby: Yeah, it sounded like it was a busy day when I was talking to Penny. She was saying you had a lot going on. That’s good I guess.
Luca: Absolutely. We like being busy. And we’ve been busy up here. There’s never a dull moment so it’s a really exciting to be. The company is fantastic and the view is really outstanding and life couldn’t be better.
Abby: Yeah, I would imagine so.
Luca: Are you still planning to come to Mars?
Abby: Yep, we actually just went today and saw some of the models that are for long duration space flight.
Luca: That’s very excting, that’s very cool. Well, keep going on your knowledge and all the good things that you’re doing and the world will open up for you, I have no doubt.
Abby: Thank you, Luca, and thank you so much for your help. It was great talking to you again.
Luca: Nice talking to you. I think for me now it’s dinnertime. I have no idea what time of day it is over there but enjoy the rest of the visit and have a fantastic time and I’ll see you on Twitter and Facebook and all those cool places on the Internet.
Abby: Yep, sounds good. We’ll definitely be seeing you there. Well, I should probably let you go now and good luck and have fun on the space station
Luca: Great talking to you – anything is possible. So glad to be on the space station, it’s a fantastic place to be.
Abby: Yeah.
Luca: All right, have a great rest of the day and a fantastic visit and see you soon.
Abby: Thank you, Luca. Bye!



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