What’s up with @Astro_Luca on the ISS? June 16 – June 22, 2013 | Albert Einstein, EVA and more!

This week was extremely busy for Luca and the other crew members of the ISS! With the unloading of ATV (automated transport vehicle) Albert Einstein, a scheduled EVA (extra vehicular activity, or ‘space walk’) by two Russian cosmonauts, and countless experiments, the crews schedules were ... READ MORE»

Who Caught Luca This Week? #CatchLuca June 17-21 Romania, Italy & England

My #CatchLuca blog series has really caught on! I have received so many great submissions that I have blog posts already scheduled out for several weeks! This week I am featuring photos from England, Romania and Luca's homeland Italy. These photos are all so unique and it has been so much fun to ... READ MORE»

What’s in a name? How Luca’s Mission was Named “Volare”

I am lucky to have a guest post today by 32 year-old Norberto Cioffi (@norby80) who sent in the winning mission name "Volare"  for Luca's upcoming expedition to the International Space Station. Volare means "to fly" in Italian. The name symbolises the search for new frontiers and opportunities for ... READ MORE»