OK What Now NASA?

I found this image recently online and it seemed to really speak to the question I have heard over and over recently which is: What's going to happen now. We went to the moon...YAY! We built an amazing space vehicle - the Shuttle Program - which in turn allowed us to build one of the most amazing ... READ MORE»

Space Camp 2011: An International Experience

“Through these doors enter the next generation of scientists engineers and astronauts.” This is the motto of Space Camp, and it is only too true as Space Camp helps to excite my generation, the Mars Generation to keep moving ahead towards the future of space. Last week I attended Space Camp for a ... READ MORE»

Why Canada? My Atlantis STS-135 Canadian Space Agency Tweetup Experience

Why Canada? That was a common question when people heard I would be heading to Canada to watch the last US space shuttle launch into space. I chose to attend the Canadian Space Agency STS-135 Tweetup (#CSATweetup) rather than view the launch live from Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, because I had ... READ MORE»

Atlantis STS 135: The final space shuttle voyage

On July 8, 2011 the space shuttle Atlantis STS 135 made history of being the last space shuttle to fly into space Today the space shuttle Atlantis landed for the final time marking the end of the 30 year shuttle program. I hope everyone takes time to watch these videos and takes a moment to ... READ MORE»