The Science Behind Sleep and Dreams

Have you ever wondered if our dreams really mean something, why we have them, or if they are beneficial to us in some way? For years, scientists have been asking the same questions. While dreaming is something we do every day, we still don’t know a lot about it. We often take sleep and dreams for ... READ MORE»

Fears of Current and Former Astronauts

Imagine this: you are in the capsule of a rocket, strapped in and ready to blast off. Suddenly, the ground rumbles beneath you, and the speakers in your headset crackle to life. T-10, 9, 8… Ahead of you, you stare into the sky. You’ve been chasing after it for so long, and now the moment is finally ... READ MORE»

How to Deal With Bullying

One out of every five students reports being bullied during their time in school. This number is unsettlingly high, and if you yourself haven’t been a victim of bullying, you almost certainly know someone who has. Bullying is an unfortunate reality that too many people have had to face. We must take ... READ MORE»

4 Ideas for a Great Gap Year

Have you ever felt worn out on your journey to reaching your dream? What I’ve discovered over the years is that no matter how much I’m trying to achieve, I can’t reach my goals if I’m not taking care of myself. Sometimes taking care of yourself means stepping away or taking a break! As I wrote in ... READ MORE»