Beyond Mars with Astronaut Abby – Slooh Show To View Saturn Live

Astronaut Abby Slooh Saturn The Mars Generation Show

Join me for a special treat on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 7pm ET on the Slooh Show! Slooh is a cool, innovative way to bring the world along to view space through powerful Slooh telescopes. Imagine making the viewing of planets a global event with live viewing through powerful telescopes – this is what Slooh is all about. It’s such a treat to be asked to join as a guest with the host Eric Edelman who is a presenter at the Morrison Planetarium in San Francisco California.

During this episode of the Slooh Show we will be looking up and beyond Mars to view Saturn which is visible in our sky. We will be viewing Saturn throughout the evening accompanied by a discussion of Slooh community shared content and more! Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the farthest planet from Earth that is visible to the naked eye. It is also the second largest planet in our solar system. Through the Slooh telescopes we’ll be able to see the outstanding features of this planet including its gaseous surface and unique rings and this will be seen online by all that close to join! This will also be a chance to get to hear more about my Journey to Mars, including my current astrobiology internship at Kennedy Space Center as well a conversation about my nonprofit, The Mars Generation – we have a lot of really cool stuff happening at TMG so don’t miss your opportunity to catch up. You can join Slooh for free and join in to watch this show, just click here!

Hope to see you all on Thursday!


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