Astronaut Abby’s First Flight Towards Earning a Private Pilot License [Video]

The journey towards applying for the NASA astronaut corps is filled with building a resume that has the right stuff. While there is no perfect formula for building this resume, it helps to build not only the important education and work experiences that are required but to also build skills in many areas. The path towards entering the astronaut corps can take a military route or civilian route as I discuss in this article on how to become an astronaut.

I have chosen the civilian path towards becoming an astronaut which means that attaining my pilot license is something I am working on through the private sector. I have begun this journey this past December 2016 and plan to bring you all a long for each step of the process. Gaining a private pilot license (which is the first in a series of pilot licenses I will work to attain) requires about 40-60 hours of flight training, a lot of studying to pass the written examination and more. I will be sharing every step with each of you!

I hope you enjoy this first flight video which was taken in December and published this past week. There are some fun surprises in the video when my instructor throws in a bit of “astronaut training” which I honestly thought he was kidding when he mentioned it. Think parabolic flight and upside down flying and more! Enjoy!

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  1. Craig Jones says

    Abby, maybe you should reconsider and take the military path to astronaut status. The Air Force is a great way to go. Been there, done that. BS, MS, PhD (Aerospace Engineering), FTE USAF Test Pilot School, etc. Let’s talk.

  2. iPadCary says

    I hope when you become an astronaut and encounter a UFO during a Mars flight,
    you break NASA’s stringent protocol & announce it to the world.

  3. Bryan Holland says

    That was the worst preflight I’ve ever seen. That’s the only negative thing I have to say. Other than that. Go for it! You have incredible competition ahead of you including an eighteen year old woman who’s already in Astronaut core training. But that’s more motivation! You can do it! Don’t listen to people trying to take you off your chosen path. Stick with it and you can do it.

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