#AskLuca: What Happens in Space

Superman Luca

Photo Credit: ESA/NASA

We all wonder what happens up in space, and luckily we have Astronaut Luca Parmitano to share some insights! This week we’ll take a look at a few inquiries about what goes on in space – from blowing bubbles in space to favorite foods to pretending like you’re superman… we learn new details from Luca about what’s it’s like to live in space on the  ISS  in this week’s #AskLuca!

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If you have questions for Luca that you would like answered you can submit them here. I will pick several questions to ask Luca each week on either Twitter or Google+ and when I get his answers I will post them here on my blog. You can follow the hashtag #AskLuca on either Google+ or Twitter to follow our conversations. This is already turning into a great adventure! Stay Tuned!

Question 1Question 1: Bubbles in Space

– asked by Seth, @neak1

Question: Hi Luca, I am seth and I am 7 years old and from New Zealand. I was wondering if you can blow bubbles in space?

Luca’s Answer: Hello Seth, you sure could, if you had a bubble blower. The atmosphere on the Station is  the same as on the ground, so, with the right soap, you can make bubbles.

Question 2: Thoughts in SpaceQuestion 2

– asked by Katrina 

Question: What sorts of things go through your mind while you look out the window and see our spec in the universe from a perspective not very many people have seen? Do you feel awestruck often while being in space?

Luca’s Answer: Hello Katrina: I have tried to answer this question many times, and I even wrote a blog about it. It’s really hard to convey the feelings you get from watching our magnificent planet from orbit. I can tell you for sure, though, that you never get used to it.

Question 3Question 3: Debris in Space

– asked by Daniel, @danielgbbns

Question: With all the debris orbiting Earth, how is it none of it hits the ISS? And if this is a possibility, how, and how often, do you maneuver out of the way? Thanks!

Luca’s Answer: Hi Daniel, although it is true there are a lot of debris orbiting Earth, they are mostly on different orbits, so our paths never cross. The are tracked from ground through radars, and if there is even the possibility to cross path, we just change our speed, which in turn changes our orbit, thus eliminating the problem.

Question 4: Food and FlyingQuestion 4

– asked by James 

Question: What food do you wish you had up there? Do you ever pretend you’re superman when you fly around?

Luca’s Answer: The only thing I really miss, if we talk about food, is a real Italian espresso coffee. And yes, I pretend to be superman all the time 🙂


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