#AskLuca: Life on the ISS

Photo Credit: ESA/NASA/Parmitano

Photo Credit: ESA/NASA/Parmitano

Ever wonder what it’s like to actually live on the ISS? Astronaut Luca Parmitano’s life on the ISS is a great one and he’s been kind enough to talk with us on Earth about his experience in orbit. This week he answers even deeper questions about how his life is aboard the ISS. From recreation to the incredible view, Luca dishes details on the incredibly unique experience he’s having right now, on the ISS!

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Question 1Question 1: Missing Silence

– asked by Viviana

Question: I’m very curious to know if the total ”silence” is missing to you!! I suppose up there the loud noise it is not agreeable!

Luca’s Answer: I don’t particularly miss silence, because it’s easy to put ear plugs on, and then it’s as quiet as you want it to be.

Question 2: Sounds on the ISS

Luca, what does it sounds like in Space on the ISS? We saw a picture of you with noise cancelling headphones on and wondered what it sounded like up there?

– asked by DerekQuestion 2



Luca’s Answer: It sounds like a lot of fans going on at the same time, which is why I was wearing noise canceling headphones in the picture.

Question 3Question 3: Volcano Eruption and EarthQuakes

– asked by Micah, @mt_winston

Question: From the ISS, would you be able to see a volcano erupt? Or an Earthquake happen?

Luca’s Answer: I would certainly be able to see a volcano erupt, and as a matter of fact I took picture of one. As for an earthquake, I wouldn’t be able to see it happening, but if it was especially strong I could probably see the effects.

Question 4: Fun on the ISS

Question 4

– asked by Sean, @BardicHeart

Question: What do you do for recreation / fun on ISS? Does that include any group activities / games? How much time do you have for recreation and how important is that?

Luca’s Answer: I like to take photos or use our internet capability to connect to people, make phone calls. We do play some “space games”, like trying to float from one side of the Station to the other without hitting anything. We have some free time in the evening, though not a lot, and the half a day on Saturday. Sunday is our only day off, and it’s incredibly important.

Question 5Question 5: First Sight in Orbit

– asked by Daniel, @LogOnDan

Question: What was the first thing you saw in orbit? What was your reaction?

Luca’s Answer: The first thing I saw in orbit, while still sitting in my Soyuz seat, was a sunrise – it brought a huge smile to my face, one that is still on!

Question 6: Protection for the ISSQuestion 6

– asked by Cristiano, @crisk73

Question: How do you protect from cosmic and solar radiations since you stay in space for such a long time? Is the ISS shielded? Do you periodically monitor your body radiation exposure? Thanks and have a good stay in space!

Luca’s Answer: The orbit of the ISS is inside the magnetosphere, which is our main protection. The ISS is shielded, especially our crew quarters, where we sleep and spend at least 8 hours a day. We don’t monitor our body for radiation while on board, but we have sensors with us that we take back to earth.


  1. dr says

    I don’t mean to be critical, but I think that the questions and answers for numbers 2,3 and 4 are muddled up. For example, Question 2 is “Would you be able to see a Volcano… ” and the answer is “It sounds like a lot of fans…”
    whereas question 4 is “What does it sound like in space on the ISS…” whereas the answer is “I like to take photos…”
    Just thought I would mention it.


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