#AskLuca : All About Sleep on the #ISS

As part of my #SoyuzAdventure outreach I am serving as the Earth Liaison for my mentor Astronaut Luca Parmitano who is currently part of the crew of Expedition 36 on the International Space Station. As Luca’s Earth Liason I will be chatting with Luca on his social channels and following his adventures as he shares them online as well as following the NASA and ESA updates about Luca’s mission. As part of my role I will be blogging weekly about Luca’s mission as well writing this weekly #AskLuca column.

If you have questions for Luca that you would like answered you can submit them here. I will pick several questions to ask Luca each week on either Twitter or Google+ and when I get his answers I will post them here on my blog. You can follow the hashtag #AskLuca on either Google+ or Twitter to follow our conversations. This is already turning into a great adventure! Stay Tuned!

Check out questions from this past week – they’re all about sleep!

Luca room1

“My ‘room’ for the next 167 days.” – Luca Parmitano, on June 1

Question 1, asked by Vicki, @nutty_fart

Question: How do you sleep on the ISS? Are you belted in due to floating?

Answer: We have a sleeping bag, tied in our quarters, with holes for our arms (which float in front of us). In the end your body adapts. To anything.

AskLuca Question 5

Question 2, asked by Carla, @ladyanakina

Question: I’m curious to know how well you sleep. How does microgravity affect your sleep quality?

Answer: I guess I’m sleeping ok, but less, which is understandable since my body is always perfectly relaxed.

AskLuca Question 4

Question 3, asked by Caroline on Google+

Question: Have you fully adapted to weightlessness? Did it take long? When you wake up first do you feel like you are “lying down?” I.e. does the body impose its own sense of up and down?

Answer: Yes, I’m fully adapted, it took about a day. My body doesn’t really tell me what my orientation is, but it does “lie” about feeling pressure, as if I were laying down  on something.

AskLuca GoogleWe learned a lot about sleeping in space this week from Luca! For even more details about sleeping on the ISS, here’s a great video from Chris Hadfield, recorded while he was on the station. Thanks to @babarYYC for sharing this video on Twitter! And don’t forget to send in your question to #AskLuca today!

Photo credit: ESA


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