#AskLuca: Let’s Begin the Fun!

Luca and Abby

What to Expect from my Role as Earth Liaison

As part of my #SoyuzAdventure outreach I am serving as the Earth Liaison for Luca. As Luca’s Earth Liason I will be chatting with Luca on his social channels and following his adventures as he shares them online. ESA and NASA will be sharing details about his experience and I will be creating a weekly blog post of what he’s up to. I will also have a #AskLuca blog column. If you have questions for Luca that you would like answered you can submit them here. I will pick several questions to ask Luca each week on either Twitter or Google+ and when I get his answers I will post them here on my blog. You can follow the hashtag #AskLuca on either Google+ or Twitter to follow our conversations. I’m looking forward to hearing and sharing all of his space adventures!

Without further adieu, let’s check out the first two #AskLuca questions!

Question One

Question: What will you read on the ISS? And what do astonauts do for fun while living on the ISS? Will you have the music loud and dance in weightlessness? (asked on Google+)

Answer: I have brought only one book with me, a very special gift from an even more special person. I read a lot, but while on orbit I’d rather do something I can’t do anywhere else.When astronauts are free, they can relax reading, watching movies, listing to music, or other hobbies. But mostly, I think they like to take pictures or look out the window. I’ve never heard of dancing in space, but who knows? there’s always a first time!

Luca Parmitano

Question Two

Question: Why did your crew have stuffed animals hanging in the cockpit during your #Soyuz launch? (asked on Twitter)

Answer: “It’s a russian tradition,they call it the “0g Indicator”! Fyoiodor’s white dog is on its 3rd flight. Lucky dog.” -Luca

Luca Parmitano w stuffed animal

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