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As most of you know, I’ve been very excited to share some amazing news with you guys – and today’s the day I get to finally share my big announcement:


Astronaut Abby Announcement from SocialNicole on Vimeo.

My mentor, Astronaut Luca Parmitano, has invited me to attend the Soyuz-TMA-09M Launch in Russia this May! The crew of three will be leaving for a 6-month visit to the International Space Station for Expedition 35 and 36 – and I’ll be there to see them off!

I’ll be having the experience of a lifetime and get to share it with all of Luca’s family and friends! Not only will I have the opportunity to watch the actual launch, but I’ll also be involved in several days of launch events, including the roll-out of the rocket from its hangar, its positioning on the launch pad, and the launch and docking of the Soyuz-TMA-09M to the ISS. I am most excited to be part of the final farewell when family and friends get to say goodbye to the astronauts only hours before they will leave earth to live in space. How cool is that? I’ll also experience a four-day tour of Moscow, where I’ll have the chance to visit the Russian Space Museum and Star City, where the cosmonauts and astronauts live and train. This opportunity is a dream come true – sometimes I can’t believe it’s really happening!

But one of the most exciting things about this opportunity is that I’m going to do my best to share it with all of you and with kids all around the world! Through the launch of my RocketHub campaign, I’m on a mission to bring the Soyuz Launch experience to kids and adults everywhere! I plan to share my experience through blog updates, Skype classroom chats, in-person presentations, and articles I will be writing for science publications and blogs. I’ll also be sending updates through an exclusive Facebook group, email list, and YouTube channel. I’m ready to share my passion for STEM education and space exploration with young people all over the world – and you can help!

The opportunity to share this experience is a unique one, but it will take a lot of teamwork to make it happen.

This is your chance to join the mission –by choosing to support this adventure you are choosing to help ignite imaginations and excitement of kids around the world about  STEM education, space travel and dreaming ! I believe in the importance of inspiring young people and encouraging everyone to follow their dreams. This experience is a chance for inspiration, motivation, and education – please consider joining my mission as a sponsor! For complete details on my RocketHub Campaign, click here.

I am completely amazed and extremely grateful for this incredible opportunity. This unbelievable experience will bring me one step closer to my ultimate dream to go to Mars as I learn about and experience firsthand the realities of space exploration. I’m looking forward to an amazing experience in Russia, but I’m just as excited for the opportunity to share my adventures with all of you! The next few months of preparation will be full of learning, growing, and lots of fun – stay tuned to my blog for all the latest details by signing up here for updates!

***Interested in having me speak to your school? You can sign up here to get a chance to bring this exciting adventure to your students. Please share this link with others and spread the word.

Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls


    • Abigail Harrison says

      Thank you Kate for sharing this – awesome to listen to! I am thankful that you are sharing this as it is not something I would have been aware of until the time came closer…I didn’t realize you went to a Soyuz Launch too that’s awesome!

  1. bas says

    Been there in december 2011 but ‘just as a tourist’. Saw the whole cosmodrome and must admit, it’s an amazing place.

    Talked to some ‘invited ones’ and they had their own program, inlcuding roll out (we missed that one). Very enthousiastic reactions from them.


    TIP: ‘invited ones’ folow their own program and don’t see much of the other launch platforms. If you’re interrested try to get an extra tour to see Buran, N1 or Proton launch platforms.

    • Abigail Harrison says

      Thank you so much for the Tip and feel free to give any other advice you have – I am loving all the people giving me great advice to prepare for the trip and ensure I see everything!


    Congratuations Abby. i’m So Proud of You and So Excited for You. I’m Proud to have met you and Your Mum, on Twitter and Facebook. I’m looking forward to Following Your Journey All The Way To Mars 🙂

    • Abigail Harrison says

      This is awesome – I hope she will follow my adventures and keep dreaming – she can do it! Nurture that passion and she will be super motivated to succeed in whatever she decides to do with her life…I am proof of that!


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