Abigail Harrison is a girl with a dream. She aspires to be an astronaut. But it doesn’t stop there–she dreams of becoming the first astronaut to Mars. With dreams this big, it takes setting goals and working hard each day to make them a reality. In 2011, at the age of 13, Abby began to speak publicly about her dreams. Her work over the years as an international STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) and space ambassador has led to a following of over one million people on social media.

In 2015, at the age of 18 years old, Abby co-founded The Mars Generation, a 501c3 nonprofit with the support of an advisory board of astronauts, engineers, scientists, and hundreds of thousands of online supporters.



Abby graduated from Wellesley College in 2019, where retired NASA Astronaut Pamela Melroy also attended. She received degrees in biology and Russian. In 2021 authored her first book titled “Dream Big! How To Reach For Your Stars” which Penguin Random House published.

Abigail Astronaut Abby Harrison © Abigail Harrison

Early STEM Education

Abby is committed to inspiring her generation, The Mars Generation, to dream big, act big, and inspire others. Since the age of five, Abby has been dreaming of space and flying. A hands-on experience in the fifth grade cemented her commitment to her dream: Abby was chosen to participate in the Minneapolis Public School GEMS program (Girls in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science) at her school. Four years later, she built robots, conducted science experiments, and participated in NASA’s weather balloon program through the University of Minnesota. All of this early education inspired her work in 2011 at 13 when she began publicly speaking about her dream.

How AstronautAbby.com Got Started

By 8th grade, Abby was a member of her school’s top-ranked Science Bowl team and had created an award-winning State History Day Project titled Debate and Diplomacy: The History of the ISS. The project spanned history and science and included Abby’s interviews with astronauts and industry space experts like Susan Freedman, a NASA engineer for the International Space Station.

It was during this project in 2011 that Abby created an online presence and became Astronaut Abby initially set up a Twitter account to get a quote from a NASA employee for her project. She got the quote and was surprised to find so much more! People embraced her as a leader of her generation, the Mars generation.  She found the power of social media allowed her to connect with people worldwide who were both space professionals and enthusiasts.

She attended her first launch in May 0f 2011, Endeavor’s last launch, where she met her mentor, Astronaut Luca Parmitano. In December 2011, Abby was invited as a guest blogger for NASA’s ISS blog, in which she wrote a post titled “Meet a Teen with Space Dreams.” In March 2012, Abby was featured in an article on NASA’s education website titled “Astronaut Abby Hearts NASA.”

In May 2013, as a special guest of her mentor, Italian Astronaut Luca Parmitano, Abby traveled to Russia to participate in a legendary Soyuz launch–Soyuz-TMA-09M. After the launch, Abby was charged with a BIG responsibility: she served as Parmitano’s Earth Liaison, bringing space down to Earth by sharing Parmitano’s space mission with her followers and other young people interested in space. Abby has also created a worldwide outreach program called the #FutureOfSpace that was geared toward igniting passion and excitement about space, STEM and dreams with kids around the world.

In October 2013, Abby was invited to present a TEDx talk in Tampa Bay. Her talk titled “What’s Your Mars?” has been shared around the globe, inspiring hundreds of thousands of kids and adults to find their Mars and follow their own passion and purpose. Watch the video now to be inspired, and please share it with your friends!

Abby’s goal with her blog at AstronautAbby.com, Twitter account, Facebook Page, Instagram account, YouTube and TikTok is to share her experience of reaching for these amazing dreams and to inspire other kids and young adults to set their own goals and reach for the stars. Abby continues to work to encourage adults to invest in STEM education and re-commit to the research of NASA and human space exploration.

Past Appearances and Accolades:

Abby To Appearance and Photo Opportunity at NASA Kennedy Space Center Summer of Mars – 2017

Abby Appears on the Slooh Show Viewing Saturn With the World Live – 2017

Abby’s summer internship – 2017 – working in Mars astrobiology lab at Kennedy Space Center 2017

Abby And Former Chief Science Officer Ellen Stofan Talk about Women Paving The Way To Mars at the Humans to Mars Summit 2017

Featured in Netflix Documentary titled The Mars Generation (they chose to use my nonprofit’s name) 2017

Guest On Smithsonian Air and Space Museum STEMin30 TV show titled “Women Paving The Way To Mars 2017

Guest for NASA Digital Learning Network Segement Called: One Woman’s Journey To Be The First To Mars 2017

USA Today Article About International Space Ambassador Work and The Mars Generation 2017

Presenting at Project Space in the United Arab Emirates as guest of the UAE Space Agency 2017

Selected by Seventeen Magazine as a 2016 Power Teen

Named 20 Under 20 STEAM Pioneer by Huffington Post and Ford Motor Company

Abby’s Summer Biology Research in Russia – 2016

Launched The Mars Generation 501c3 nonprofit – 2015

Presenting the Shorty Award for Science  to Bill Nye with Astronaut Mike Massimino

Reporting on the First Test Launch of the Orion Spacecraft – The New Spacecraft that will someday go to Mars

TEDX Tampa Bay – “What’s Your Mars” – See Abby’s Talk Here!

#SoyuzAdventure – Trip to See Astronaut Luca Paramitano’s Launch to the ISS in Russia

Apollo 17 4oth Anniversary Dinner at Stafford Air and Space Museum

Canadian Space Agency Tweetup #CSAtweetup #STS135

NASA Tweetup #NASAtweetup #NASAsocial #STS 134

Space Camp 2010, Space Academy 2011, Advanced Space Academy and Mach 3 Aviation Challenge 2012

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