To inquire about having Astronaut Abby appear at your event please email [email protected]

As a sought after keynote speaker, Astronaut Abby inspires audiences of all ages around the world to Dream Big! Act Big! and Inspire Others. While also serving as a wonderful role model for children in STEAM (science technology engineering arts mathematics) education and working hard to achieve your dreams . To inquire about having Astronaut Abby appear at your event email [email protected]

Some recent engagements have included:

NASA Kennedy Space Center Summer Of Mars Appearance and Photo Opportunity ( 2017)

Slooh Show Appearance: Looking Beyond Mars Viewing Saturn Live (2017)

Humans to Mars Summit: Women Paving the Path To Mars With Ellen Stofan former NASA Chief Scientist (2017) (Video)

Special Guest on the STEMin30 show produced by The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. (2017) (Video)

NASA’s Digital Learning Network as a Virtual Expert Guest (2017) (Video)

Project Space as a guest of the United Arab Emirates Space Agency in Dubai (2017) (Video)

Please email [email protected] to inquire about scheduling an Astronaut Abby Appearance.