A Young Inspiration: Jazzie’s Story

I love this video and wanted to share it with you. Watch it and you will be inspired – igniting passion in kids like Jazzie is what my outreach is about. In this video Jazzie is 10 years old, and two years later she continues to pursue her astronaut dreams.

Jazzie’s story of how she got interested in space is what inspires me most. She had no interest in space until she was in 3rd grade when she heard astronaut Kent Rominger speak at her school district’s space week program. Jazzie wrote Kent after she heard him speak and started asking questions about what goals to set to reach her dream – and he answered! Astronaut Kent, who now works for ATK, ended with one piece of advice: “Become an astronaut.” This inspired her and many other people to follow their dreams!

Astronaut Kent’s Space Launch System Work

At ATK, Astronaut Kent and a team of employees are working on NASA programs which include the Space Launch System being built today to launch astronauts like Jazzie and me to Mars!


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